What apps do I have on my iphone?!

ο»ΏHi guys, hope you’re all doing good! So this is obviously going to be about what apps I have on my phone. The apps I have do change but not extensively. I realised I only have 7 apps in total! I guess it’s because I keep deleting apps, getting different ones or getting bored with the same apps everyday. So here are the apps I currently have on my phone:                                                      1). WordPress- obviously because I need to blog whenever!😘.                   2). Whatsapp- for messaging                   3). Instagram- I’m obsessed with taking pictures eventhough I never actually upload too many.                     4). Snapchat- for taking and sharing quick pics                                                           5) vodaphone app- to keep track of my contract, how many minutes I have left etc.                                                               6). Youtube (it’s a must).                               7). Buzzfeed- I like to waste my time on it and take quizzesπŸ™ˆ.                              I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the limited number of apps I have. I tag all you guys to post what apps you have on your phone!!!✌️                                  Love, Warda


Winter Fashion!πŸ’šπŸŽˆ

Hello guys! Here are some fashion ideas for winter!!! Let me know below in the comments which one is your favourite/if you’d like to order any of the items.😘😘                                                 Black cape-Β£19.00Casual winter dress-Β£15.00Above the knee dress- Β£15.00Love, Warda

More COSY jumpers for winter!!!

Hey guys! Here’s more selection of jumpers for this cold weather! All Β£18.00! Plus they come in all sizes!! Floral print jumper- Product code-136 Beige Jumper- product code-137Chifon blouse- product number-138.                                                       Comment below if you would like to order any of these jumpers!                   Love, Warda

Perfect boots for Winter!

Hey guys! It’s incredibly cold out there. Hence, I’m constantly on the hunt for winter clothing and shoes!! I take to online shopping quite often, considering the weather, thus I have acquainted myself with a site called JustFab. They have the most amaaazing boots and heels, and just all kinds of shoes. I am literally obsessed with their stock! I’d advice anyone looking for boots to get them from here. The quality of the boots is brilliant. The shoes come presented in beautiful JustFab boxes. Once you sign up to their site and buy your first pair of shoes, you get one pair free! Choose wisely xxx                                          Below are just some examples of their fabulous stock of shoes. Hope you enjoyed reading!                       Love, Warda 

Cosy fashionable clothing for winter!!!Β 

It’s snowing everyone!! Where I live it is anyway. I believe this is the perfect time and excuse to do some handy online shopping for winter clothes. I feel that slightly darker shades of clothing do better for me in the winter.  So, here there is this lovely brown coloured jumper from a site called Yesstyle. Make sure to check out the rest of the stock too! They have some amazing dresses. I would point out though that shipping and delivering can take a while, as their products come all the waaaay from Hong Kong. Enjoy your winter and snow! If there is any…